Traveler is a live electronic act out of Southern California that produces and plays a unique blend of blissful pop, disco & psychedelic bass. Lead by musician/DJ, Zander the group was created in 2011 and has gained a healthy underground following among festival kids, ravers and music industry heads. Zander’s musical vision and dedication to...
The young and talented Santa Barbara native, Peitzke is a rising producer with a distinct temperament for all things groovy and chill. He erupted onto the electronic dance music scene with his single “Cat Call”, which he collabed with fellow Santa Barbarian tastemaker Tropicool, and never looked back. Following the success of this first major...
DJ WINNER has been throwing and playing parties for nearly 2 decades now. His fun mix of funky french-flavored house, indie, disco and old school make his sets unique and always danceable. DJ WINNER began his career as a house DJ during the late 90’s rave scene in Santa Barbara, CA. As a member of...
LA-based producer from the underground of West LA.  Phynx is collaborating with Traveler and other OI artists on a number of releases this year as well as his own projects!  Catch him playing out in Los Angeles as well as other underground parties throughout the galaxy. OFFICIAL OI RELEASES


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