90.10 Quantum Technology, A Powerful New Way To Connect To Our Inner Energy

90.10 Quantum Technology, A Powerful New Way To Connect To Our Inner Energy

At Outside In we are always seeking the new and best ways to connect our consciousness to our daily lives in a way that is empowering and impactful. From new innovations like Ark Crystals to ancient practices like reiki, Kundalini yoga & Qi Gong, mankind has been harnessing our internal energy to do amazing things. We believe that the 90.10 quantum energy out of Switzerland may be the new energetic solution for the 21st century! The founders of this amazing company (named 90.10 for the strategy of giving 90% of profits back to the community to spread the technology) have found a way to capture a toroidal field which many believe is the basis for all energy in the universe. The 90.10 cube capture this energy forever, allowing other objects ot be charged with it to transfer its energy to anything else! This life force is inside all of us and with the 90.10 technology we can amplify it to great effects, improving health, mental clarity, spiritual awareness and so much more.

Mike Winner, who is in our artist collective, recently did an interview on his podcast with the US rep for 90.10 which explains what the technology is all about. Check out the video below. We also have an unboxing video from Mike where he shows his initial interaction with the Power Capsule, a product made the with 90.10 cube. We plan on experimenting more with this technology including trying it with charging music instruments, our upcoming merch and so much more! Stay tuned!

More info: https://9010us.com/

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